St.Patrick’s Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School,a centenary institution of great renown ,was founded in 1875 by the Irish Brothers to cater to the educational needs of the sons of British settlers in Madras,and a few Indian boys, whose parents wanted them to have the benefit of Western education . It is managed by the Patrician Brothers who have some of the finest schools in India and abroad.

The dawn of the last century set off the process of expansion of the school at a quicker pace. The school has grown to colossal proportions and has done its best to maintain the highest standards of education.It has moulded and shaped the lives of generations of students.


Welcome to a new year at St. Patricks Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School The information contained in this preface to the student planner serves as a student and parent handbook, and is intended to provide you with useful information about the school and its organization. Please read and discuss the contents of this handbook with your child, and sign the last page indicating that you have done so.

At St. Patricks Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School we believe that the school, the family, and the community, all share the responsibility for the growth and development of our children. Research has shown that active parent involveme nt contributes to a child's success at school. As such, you are encouraged to volunteer your time helping students, assisting in the Library, supervising field trips, or getting involved with our Parent Advisory Council. We hope that you will take every opportunity to be part of our school. Together, we can strengthen our school community and consistently seek to improve the quality of our programs.

We encourage all our students to become lifelong learners and to take responsibility for their own learning. If this planner is used consistently, it will help students become organized, effective learners.

In closing, the teachers, support staff and I are looking forward to working with you to provide the best education possible for your child(ren). I wish all students, parents, and staff a successful, productive, and enjoyable school year!

Bro. Ramesh Amalanadhan





“Tell them to love God and be good to one another.”

The religious congregation ‘The Brothers of St. Patrick’ was founded by Bishop Daniel Delany in Tullow, Ireland, on 2nd February, 1808. The first four Patrician Brothers were John Baptist McMahon, John Evangelist Cummins, Bernard Fitzpatrick and Joseph Dawson.

Daniel Delany was born into a well-to-do family at Paddock in central Ireland in 1747. After his father’s death, young Daniel spent most of his childhood with his two aunts in Mountrath. At a very young age, he decided to enter the priesthood. He received his priestly education in France and was ordained priest in 1770. Father Delany was appointed assistant parish priest in the parish of Tullow, a village 80 kilometers south of Dublin. In 1783, Father Delany was consecrated co-adjutor bishop. Three years later he became the bishop of the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. Bishop Delany founded two religious congregations. He founded ‘The Sisters of Saint Brigid’ (Brigidines) on 1st February, 1807. A year later, on the 2nd of February, he founded ‘The Brothers of St. Patrick’ (Patricians). Bishop Delany along with the Brigidine Sisters and Patrician Brothers worked relentlessly for the education of the young of his diocese. Bishop Delany died at Tullow in 1814.

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Working hours : 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
Office visiting hours for parents : 9.00 am to 11.30 am



Forenoon session : 8.15 am to 12.40 pm
Afternoon session : 1.15 pm to 3.30 pm
We also conduct special classes for Board Exam students from

03.30 PM to 04.30 PM on working days.